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Our founder and CEO, David N. Schultz, Certified Property Manager (CPM) established the company in 1975 and serves as its CEO today. He has worked diligently to develop his company to where it now manages over 2,000 units in the Los Angeles County region.

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Our founder and CEO, David N. Schultz, Certified Property Manager (CPM) established the company in 1975. His strong leadership and vision has allowed the company to thrive throughout the years through great expansions and great recessions, always striving to provide the best service for our clients and tenants.

As Company President, Jennifer Schultz Bertolet oversees the company’s operations including investment real estate sales and acquisition activities, and also manages the company’s corporate office headquarters. A licensed real estate broker, Jennifer is specially trained and qualified in all aspects of investment real estate and property operations. Jennifer’s duties also include market value analysis of properties being considered for purchase or sale, contact development for prospective buyers and sellers, comprehensive property inspections, the creation and implementation of customized property marketing campaigns, sale and acquisition negotiations, and the coordination of escrow and closing details.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your property and how we can best maximize your investment.

David N. Schultz eagleAt David N. Schultz, Inc., our logo includes the proud eagle which has long occupied an exalted place in the religious and political symbolism of mankind, especially here in the United States of America. Eagles are prominently displayed in our offices. Our corporate philosophy embodies many of the traits and characteristics of the American Eagle, a celebrated creature of vision, power and grace. Let us put that power to work for you.